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Our passion is helping others to grow and mature, and develop insight into themselves and their goals. We assist our clients in processing life stressors, finding healthy ways to cope with and express their feelings, and to manage their mental health concerns.  By overcoming their stumbling blocks of anxiety, depression, poor interpersonal relationships, and other issues, our clients cultivate satisfaction and happiness.  We incorporate psychoeducation into sessions, and utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques and a strengths based perspective. 

By offering a safe space for clients near Lancaster, PA to explore their thoughts, motives, and behaviors, we offer encouragement and compassion in an empathetic therapeutic environment.  We accentuate the positive in our clients’ lives, and believe in their ability to change.  Our therapists' understanding personalities allows our clients to feel at ease and comfortable.  We provide individualized and personal treatment for a variety of mental health diagnoses and life stressors.

Reach out to The Counseling Collective if you are ready to begin therapy or have any questions.